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Wabash CrossFit

Our vision as a CrossFit gym is to build a strong community starting with our youth and continuing through all stages of life.

Wabash CrossFit is much more than just CrossFit. We are L.I.F.E. We are Open Gym. We are Kids & Teens. We are Family. We offer a variety of CrossFit workouts and other solutions for people with different fitness levels, ages, and personal goals. Our trainers can scale and modify any workout or movement to fit your comfort level. We pride ourselves on community, friendships, and results.


Social Media

Check out Wabash CrossFit and Fitness on Facebook or Instagram! Our social media feeds are a great place to learn about health, fitness, nutrition, and how Wabash CrossFit operates. 

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No upcoming events at the moment

Wabash CrossFit gym hosts many events throughout the year including clinics on workout techniques, Murph Challenges, open houses, fundraisers and much more!

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