Wabash CrossFit is lucky to have a fantastic staff of trainers that can offer a variety of solutions for people with different fitness levels, ages, and personal goals. Our trainers can scale and modify any workout or movement to fit your comfort level. Read more about our amazing trainers below!

Jenna and Mark Hovermale have owned Wabash CrossFit since December 2019. Jenna became a member of Wabash CrossFit in 2015 and Mark joined the gym in 2018. They have 2 children Sawyer and Horace. Both boys have been coming to the gym since they were born and are eager to help out and workout!  Our vision as a gym is to build a strong community starting with our youth and continuing through all stages of life.

Jeff Guenin-Hodson

Jeff initially came to Wabash Crossfit, not to workout, but to help out. In late 2016, we decided to incorporate professional videos into our marketing plan so we contacted Jeff’s marketing company to discuss options. Little did we know, he had a secret interest in CrossFit. He immediately joined as a member and just a few months later he obtained his Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification. 
“Ever since High School, I’ve struggled with nutrition and exercise consistency. Joining Wabash Crossfit changed that. Sure I still have my ups and downs, but they are significantly less dramatic than before. The classes, programming, trainers, and members at Wabash Crossfit was exactly what I needed.”
Jeff’s wife Emily is also a Wabash Crossfit member and his kids Troy and Drew can sometimes be seen around the gym as well, especially during the annual Murph workout. When he’s not at the gym, Jeff is a Managing Partner and the Director of Operations & Finance at Green Hat and is the Operations Manager at Guenin Law.

Jenna Hovermale

Jenna started her CrossFit journey in 2011 in Lebanon, IN. She had absolutely no athletic background and had the reputation of being “clutzy” one of the family. She heard a lot of great things about a local CrossFit gym in town and decided to give it a try. Her world was changed after a week of classes and has never returned to normal. She finds herself enjoying working out and the gym is like home to her. 
As a former teacher she loves working with individuals of all ages and especially has a passion for working with youth and keeping them active. Jenna lives in Denver, IN with her Husband, Mark and their 2 sons (Horace and Sawyer).You will often find all 4 of them at the gym together. Jenna is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and a CrossFit Kids Trainer. 


Steve Heath

Steve Heath is a lifelong sports enthusiast and Wabash County resident.  He attended his first Crossfit class on September 1, 2014 and was hooked almost immediately.  “I was looking to do something different than just run 3 or 4 miles a day 3-4 times a week.  I had been doing that for years and was getting bored with running and it was almost always by myself”.

“I’m Just letting anybody know that will read this… Crossfit will be one of the hardest things you will ever do.  My entire first month I was questioning whether I could really do it… every day felt like it about killed me.  But after that first month, I started to see that my breathing was getting a little better, the weights (very light at that time) were a little less heavy and most importantly I was really starting to feel better in general and just more energetic outside of the gym.  I realized a couple of more things pretty quickly as well… 1- In that first 30 days I don’t think we repeated a single movement (creative workouts everyday that I didn’t have to plan) and 2- Having other people there working/struggling with me was unbelievably beneficial.  I pushed myself harder because they were there with me and in time, these people became great friends”.

Steve’s wife Lori has become an active WCF member and when his three adult kids are around they like to drop in as well.  Steve became an L1 Crossfit instructor in the summer of 2020 and loves to help others develop their skill sets in the gym.  “I love coming and trying to have 1 small win every time I come to the gym…. And I realized that I probably get even more excitement from helping someone else achieve that one small win.  That can be a 1 rep max on a lift… learning a new technique to do a move on the rig a little better, doing a WOD 30 seconds faster than I/they did it 3 months ago… those are the little things that motivate me to get here 5 times a week”.

Steve lives near LaFontaine and is a Key Account Sales Executive for ’47 Brand (licensed headwear and apparel provider for all pro sports leagues and 500+ colleges).

Brian Swihart

If there was a person that eats, sleeps, and breathes CrossFit it’s Brian Swihart.  When Wabash CrossFit first opened he was one of the original coaches/members. Before he knew what CrossFit was he had chains, tires, sledge hammers, rings, and pull up bars in his backyard. He began coaching a functional fitness class at the YMCA and that’s where he met Josh Steele who introduced him to Jakae Swope. Since then he’s been a certified Level 1 coach for approximately seven years. In addition to having his Level 1 certification, he also received his certificate in Movement and Mobility along with   a USAW Olympic Lifting and Coaching certification.   If there was ever a person who emphasized mechanics over intensity it’s this long winded coach.
He believes CrossFit is so much more than lifting weights rapidly and repeatedly.  It’s building mental strength and discipline to conquer any of life’s challenges. “The human body is capable of so much more when the mind is conditioned to believe it can.”  His goal and hope is that as a coach he can help his athlete’s believe in their capabilities and to continue to face life’s challenges just like we face a hard workout....”keep pushing on, keep fighting, this won’t last forever.”  
Outside of CrossFit he is a probation officer where he serves the Wabash County Court Services Department as their Quality Assurance Officer and Adult Probation Officer supervisor.  He is married to Natalie, who is also a member. He has two daughters and a stepson who are very active in youth sports.
When asked, what is the most important thing you want people to know about you and CrossFit, he replied “I just love it. It’s what I do. It makes me the person I am.   I’ve never been the strongest or best at anything, but I love the idea that no one is going to outwork me.”

Michael Swope

"Ever since I was little I hated working out. I loved to play sports but always hated when it came time to the lifting part. I graduated high school at about 120 pounds. I was a small little guy. I always felt like I had a lot of energy but felt tired a lot.” 
“I got married in 2011 to the one person I dreamed of having. She is the love of my life. Brooke and I had our first boy in 2013. It was the best day of my life.” 
“I started CrossFit in 2014. We watched it a few times and thought it was interesting. It was the best thing I have ever started. Since then we have had another boy and me and my family have loved doing CrossFit. It has given me so much more energy to enjoy playing with my boys. Now I couldn't imagine not doing CrossFit."


Kelsey Sommers

Kelsey first attended CrossFit after running a marathon in November 2018. She decided she needed something completely different than running and hopped in on a free class trial. One class and she was hooked! As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, CrossFit provides Kelsey with space to focus on holistic health. “I believe that physical wellness and healthy eating habits directly influence mental health. The group class setting provides accountability and positive social support for all members. I have always loved the support, encouragement and motivation other members provide!”

Kelsey obtained her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification November 2020. 

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David Duquette

Growing up playing soccer, David was no stranger to fitness. He was familiar with CrossFit, but it wasn't till 2017 that he became a regular at Wabash CrossFit and saw the full benefits of functional fitness. He always liked conditioning (He knows He is that one weird guy), but he believes its because the community around you, suffering with you, builds a strong bond. That comradery is what he had been missing since playing soccer at Trine University and found here at WCF. As a trainer, there is no better feeling than that Ah-ha moment where things click and he can help someone develop a new skill, complete a movement they never expected to achieve, or smash a PR! Progression is his passion and he is always trying to make himself and the people around him better each and every day. When he is not at the gym he enjoys quality time with his newborn son Ellis and wife Kacey.